Pato Studio Cebu August 2017 Promotions

September 01, 2017

Pato Studio Cebu surprise grading ceremony held during Sensei Daisuke's 2-day seminar.

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Daisuke Nakamura Seminar

July 25, 2017

Pato Studio Cebu Jiu-Jitsu is happy to announce that we will be hosting one of Asia's most accomplished grapplers, BJJ and Judo blackbelt Sensei Daisuke Nakamura for a two day seminar.

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Building Strong Relations in the Cebu Jiu-Jitsu Community

July 13, 2017

Pato Studio Cebu Jiu-Jitsu understands that many Jiu-Jitsu practitioners are already paying for membership fees at their respective teams. We want to take away the worry of having to shell out extra money to be able to train at our Studio. This is why we are proud to say that we offer FREE open mat sessions at our Studio every Sunday from 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM, open to ALL TEAMS/AFFILIATIONS, ALL THE TIME.

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What Is It Really Like To Be Part of A Jiu-jitsu Team?

July 06, 2017

Pato Studio Cebu Jiu-Jitsu fundamentals and kids Jiu-Jitsu program coach Nino Castro was recently interviewed by Cebu City's leading online magazine, zerothreetwo. In the interview, Nino talks about Pato Studio and Cebu Jiu-Jitsu.

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PATO Studio Pioneer Competiton Squad

June 25, 2017

Cebu City's newest and youngest Jiu-Jitsu team, Pato Studio Cebu Jiu-Jitsu, sends out its pioneer batch of competitors to participate in the 2017 ASJJF Dumau Cebu International Jiu Jitsu competition. Check out the full results and photos during this historic event.

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