Welcome to Deftac Cebu!

"Deftac was founded on the principle of giving world class instruction to whoever walks in our doors, as a result we have become a factory of champions both in the national and international circuits-DEFTAC CEBU has successfully upheld this tradition under coach Norman Go. just look at the champions he has produced the records speak for itself."

-Alvin Aguilar, BJJ Black Belt, founder of DEFTAC / Universal Reality Combat Chmapionships (URCC)

"Deftac Cebu is the only place you can learn legit brazilian jiujitsu in the entire queen city of the south! If you don't believe me, check out their medals!"

-Gabby Alipe, Urbandub/Franco, Deftac Blue Belt

"DEFTAC Cebu is the place to train because we have the reputation to prove it. Aside from being a very competitive team who has won numerous medals and trophies and a team that other teams across south east ASIA talk about, we also have people who come in to just have the excercise as a healthy lifestyle. Our team is very united with one another which makes a great atmosphere to train under, I have trained with a lot of different teams and I can say that our coach Norman Go knows the sport inside and out and is the most dedicated instructor I have ever met."

-Sabah Fadai, Martial Combat Champion, 7-1 MMA Record

To be the best, you need to train with the best. Competitor, Enthusiast, or Weekend Warrior; we make you the best you can be.

Deftac Cebu BJJ - Best Overall Team, Pan Asians 2010
"Tapping people out since 2008!"